Dec. 23rd, 1996

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This is what we look upon during this joyous holiday and what we celebrate. As I walk through the long halls of my home; the faces of every generation of Malfoys lining the walls, I understand what it means to be part of centuries of history. The legacy that my ancestors have left behind effect the choices I have today, and thankfully my parents have had the forethought to instill, in me, the respect for history that it deserves.

The tradition we cherish so much these days, did not pop up over night, nor were they a created on random whim. The great Wizards and Witches of our race built, through the ages, these holidays that we take for granted today. They though of the future, they thought about our world and us. How they could make the Wizarding world a richer place, more magical and far greater than it was in their lifetime.

Soon, we graduate from Hogwarts and it will be our turn to carry on the proud traditions of our legacy. The legacy our family, ancestors and forefathers have given to us.
They have taught us to respect our family, to honor the world that has created us and to continue in the Wizarding way.

Maybe you hold true to the values of our world and the history we came from.

Potter, I hope you suffer. For a long time, in extreme pain and all alone.

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