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2010-08-17 03:38 pm
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How is my driving?
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1997-08-28 06:12 pm

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My last year at Hogwarts approaches; a life of endless candle-light suppers with the right sort of people and working with obeying subordinates draws even closer.

I must congratulate the professors for recognizing the stress and strain I will be forced to be under this upcoming year, with NEWTs, Quidditch and Prefect duties, and there by electing someone, although less suitable for the position, with no life as the new Headboy. As for the choice for Headgirl? Well, I must say I am looking forward to the Prefect-meetings even more now, with such a talented Headgirl leading us all, how can any student not strive to work hard?

The Quidditch Team should be prepared for a more extensive training-schedule this year, as we need to fill in the empty positions with brand new players. I will not tolerant failure this year.
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1997-07-25 07:10 pm

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What am I suppose to write here?
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1997-07-07 10:47 pm

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I woke up
I washed up
I got dressed
I had breakfast

I have written in this, as I am forced to until the school group-assignment, or otherwise phrased: furthering inter-house unity, is declared over.

Fellow 6th (soon to be 7th year) Slytherins:
I am inviting you to join me in a small remembrance next Wednesday evening.
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1997-06-28 02:43 pm

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I am leaving today.

When I was about eight, my family went to visit the Parkinson's for the day. On days like these, we would all get up fairly early to port key to the edge of their property and a carriage would pick us up and take us to the estate. But this day, unlike any other day, Pansy was outside waiting, she hardly ever did that. She was sitting in the frilly pale-pink robe on the steps, throwing pebbles at the gnomes I think. We went to the garden, after proper introductions of course, and this one day, Pansy was not called inside or excused herself to sit in the shade, as she used to.

One of the house-elves helped us get nets, or maybe our parents did. Who it was did not seem to matter at the time, only Pansy and her little robe did. A swarm of insects had invaded the hill behind her house and armed with nets, Pansy and I ran to chase them away. Who could have guessed that perfect, little Pansy could enjoy running up and down a hill so much? We must have caught them by the hundreds, locusts, butterflies and all other sorts of flying things and I showed Pansy how you could make them burn, even without a Incendio charm. Grandfather's old glasses worked wonders that day and Pansy, she lit up almost as much as the insects did. Her whole face was sun-burned and smiling. I remember, one of her teeth had fallen out and her parents had yet to take her to the denti-wizard, but that gap in her smile made it a little better somehow.

Of course, the fun ended when Pansy's robe caught the flame from one the burning piles of insects and father had to punish me for setting the Parkinson's daughter on fire. I still claim it was worth every second of it, just to see her playing with me in the sun, on the hill, behind her house.

So, excuse me if I am less than pleased with the fact that this school, deliberately I am sure, made sure I missed her pyre.
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1997-06-13 09:52 am

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This is an outrage!

Professor Snape, I implore you, as our Head of House;
Blaise is in the hospital-wing and the younger years are unsettled. As Prefect, Pansy and I need to know what to tell them and some sort of guarantee that they will be safe.

Graham died the last time, why wasn't the security in place? I am owling my father about this.

And to the rest of you rot!
If I hear just one more whisper about how we Slytherins had it coming or that we deserved it, I will curse you until not even your pathetic excuse for a parent can recognize you!
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1997-06-09 01:22 pm

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The end of the year is almost upon us and not a moment too soon, if you ask me. So far, this week has been oddly quiet, almost eerily so, I have not even seen one first year cursed or an older student sprouting antlers for days. This might be the ultimate proof that exams, OWL's and NEWT's are taking a toll on everyone.

And for something completely different.
These journals were some sort of imbecilic try to force House-unity on us all at the end of the school-year and now, the year is almost over. I would like to know if now, or on the Hogwarts Express, would be a good time to disperse of it? It is made of parchment, I'm sure it burns just fine, with a little help.
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1997-06-07 12:01 am

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Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for the gifts and trinkets I received for my birthday. And secondly, no, I never wished for dung-bombes. And really, everyone should know that I would never eat sweets without having someone else eat the first one. Was it necessary to cause Gregory to bleed from his nose for an hour?

First day of exams is over and I must say, I did have my doubts about the level of spells they required. Only too well that they were commonly known, even less intelligent students should have a chance of getting at least an A.
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1997-06-01 11:00 am

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At six, I woke up after a delightfully restful night of sleep.
At ten past six, I had one of my twice daily showers. Sadly, the Prefect Bathroom was occupied and I had to lower myself enough to use the communal one in Slytherin.
At seven, I was back in the common room revising my notes for Arithmancy and Potions. Not that I need to, mind you, but exams are coming up and of course I'm going to get the highest marks in our year.
At eight, the rest of the dorm was awake and done with what ever they thought fit to do in the mornings. Really, sleeping appallingly late and personal hygiene should take more than ten minutes.
At fifteen past, breakfast. Why anyone would want to stuff their mouths with something as revolting as smoked, warm fish in the morning, is beyond me.
Nine, and the first lesson of the day rolls by. Nothing remotely interesting happened.
At eleven, more classes and more time for me to get bored in. I cleared out in the content of my pockets (three galleons, twenty-one sickles, a knut, some string, a melted chocolate-frog, half a cauldron cake, a few folded up pieces of parchment (I really should read what they say one of these days) and lint.)
Lunch. Nothing special. Made sure to insult Weasel’s cheap and tawdry attire, his girlfriend's bloodline and Potter's hideous, disfiguring scar.
Afternoon classes at one thirty, I do enjoy Gryffindor-free classes.
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1997-05-21 09:18 pm

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It's an outrage that I have to re-write my Transfiguration essay. I told Professor McGonagall how Vincent had eaten my homework just before class started, but did she believe me? Of course not. Apparently, I need to be more imaginative in my excuses. Had I known the truth would be taken this way, I would have lied to begin with.

This will be the last time, I'll even concider being truthful, if this is the thanks I get. And Vincent really should have been allowed to go to the hospital-wing, all that parchment cannot possibly be good for him. Not to mention the ink.

[Private to 6th year Slytherins]
I've recived word from my father and it's impreritive we continue the training straight away. The next session will be Sunday night at ten o'clock. Pansy, you have Prefect-rounds then, but you should be able to join us regardless. Should any of you have reasons not to show at the old Potion-classroom, I will not be the only one expecting a good excuse.
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1996-12-23 10:15 pm

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This is what we look upon during this joyous holiday and what we celebrate. As I walk through the long halls of my home; the faces of every generation of Malfoys lining the walls, I understand what it means to be part of centuries of history. The legacy that my ancestors have left behind effect the choices I have today, and thankfully my parents have had the forethought to instill, in me, the respect for history that it deserves.

The tradition we cherish so much these days, did not pop up over night, nor were they a created on random whim. The great Wizards and Witches of our race built, through the ages, these holidays that we take for granted today. They though of the future, they thought about our world and us. How they could make the Wizarding world a richer place, more magical and far greater than it was in their lifetime.

Soon, we graduate from Hogwarts and it will be our turn to carry on the proud traditions of our legacy. The legacy our family, ancestors and forefathers have given to us.
They have taught us to respect our family, to honor the world that has created us and to continue in the Wizarding way.

Maybe you hold true to the values of our world and the history we came from.

Potter, I hope you suffer. For a long time, in extreme pain and all alone.
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1996-09-22 06:46 pm

(no subject)

How is it that once again I stumble over first years playing, in a loud and rambunctious manner, in the halls? Not only were these knee-high pests playing where normal (this does not include you, Potter) people walk, but they were obviously playing 'Heroes and Villains'.

This is a notice to all children; neither I, nor anyone else in my family, are villains. Not falling arse over tit to fawn over Potter, does not give you permission to 'act out' Potter hexing anyone of my relations. Your loud shrieks of 'Mercy, hero Potter' and 'I will do anything! Just please do not hurt me, big hero', are an insult to my name.

The next child found dressed up with a scar painted on its forehead, will get 10 points ducked from its House. Should it be accompanied by a child with its hair charmed white, it will be 20 points.

Should anyone need me, I will be in the Prefect Bathroom, indulging myself with a bath.

You all just thought of me naked, didn't you?

I knew it.
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1996-01-07 07:20 pm

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I am writing my father about this! How can you think, any of you, that you could kill off Slytherins and we wouldn't notice? That no one would notice the pattern? I was assured that after the last time, this would not happen again, Dumbledore, and here it went and happened again! How can you say that we're safe at Hogwarts, when Slytherins are getting killed at a regular basis?


And you! Teachers aids, professors, or what ever the bloody hell you call yourselves! Three of us have died in twelve months! Three! You were suppose to stop that from happening! What good are you in a crisis when you let Slytherins DIE!

The Ministry should release the lot of you from your contracts for your gross incompetence and negligence of your responsibility!