Jun. 28th, 1997

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I am leaving today.

When I was about eight, my family went to visit the Parkinson's for the day. On days like these, we would all get up fairly early to port key to the edge of their property and a carriage would pick us up and take us to the estate. But this day, unlike any other day, Pansy was outside waiting, she hardly ever did that. She was sitting in the frilly pale-pink robe on the steps, throwing pebbles at the gnomes I think. We went to the garden, after proper introductions of course, and this one day, Pansy was not called inside or excused herself to sit in the shade, as she used to.

One of the house-elves helped us get nets, or maybe our parents did. Who it was did not seem to matter at the time, only Pansy and her little robe did. A swarm of insects had invaded the hill behind her house and armed with nets, Pansy and I ran to chase them away. Who could have guessed that perfect, little Pansy could enjoy running up and down a hill so much? We must have caught them by the hundreds, locusts, butterflies and all other sorts of flying things and I showed Pansy how you could make them burn, even without a Incendio charm. Grandfather's old glasses worked wonders that day and Pansy, she lit up almost as much as the insects did. Her whole face was sun-burned and smiling. I remember, one of her teeth had fallen out and her parents had yet to take her to the denti-wizard, but that gap in her smile made it a little better somehow.

Of course, the fun ended when Pansy's robe caught the flame from one the burning piles of insects and father had to punish me for setting the Parkinson's daughter on fire. I still claim it was worth every second of it, just to see her playing with me in the sun, on the hill, behind her house.

So, excuse me if I am less than pleased with the fact that this school, deliberately I am sure, made sure I missed her pyre.

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