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Pureblooded Superiority

This means: I am better than you

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Birthdate:Jun 5
Website:s e a r c h for the truth
Draco, age 18 and about to set out in to the world after finishing Hogwarts.

[Mun and muse are 18+]

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above average, ambition, ancient runes, appearance, arithmancy, arrogance, astonomy, astronomy, beating harry potter, beating potter, being a pureblood, being better than you, being me, being right, being superior, being unattainable, brooms, care of magical creatures, charms, cheating, conceit, curses, diagon alley, divination, doing things my way, dueling, elitism, family, father, flying, getting my way, hating harry potter, hating you, having more than you, herbology, heritage, hexes, history of magic, hogsmeade, hogwarts, honour, houses, i, ignorning your worthless ass, inheritance, intellectualism, knockturn alley, knowing more than you, legacy, lineage, looking better than you, looking down at you, luxury, magic, making first years cry, making fun of you, making you feel inferior, malfoy, malfoy mannerisms, malfoys, manipulation, me, me again, more me, mother, mudblood, muggle studies, my devastating good looks, my eminent charm, my father, my father's influences, my good looks, my infinite wisdom, my lineage, my mother's ancestry, my piercing wit, my remarkable self, myself, nepotism, not you, perfect, perfection, popularity, potions, potter stinks, prefect, prestigious, pureblood, purebloods, purifying the gene pool, purity, quidditch, quills, revenge, sarcasm, seeing potter fail, seeker, self-admiration, silver, slytherin, slytherin pride, slytherins, snobbery, spells, stupid people shouldn't breed, superiority, survival of the fittest, transfiguration, wands, wealth, winning, winning quidditch, witches, wizard duels, wizards
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